Our Core Competency

Our core competency is information and contact brokerage. We generate, investigate and analyze information for business managers, politicians and the international sports organizations. We examine, assess and compare products, markets, competitors and individuals. The data we provide is used to develop future strategies, support decision-making processes and sustain profitability.

It is primarily collected through targeted studies, through interfacing via our highly developed international contact network, or by applying state-of-the-art IT techniques including business intelligence software, data-mining and analytical software tools. Benchmarking, psychological and usability assessments are also part of our service offering.

We provide both quantitative and qualitative output and work in the English, German and Russian languages. Since 1981, high professional standards, neutrality and objectivity have been consistent elements in our approach.

At THE WOODBRIDGE INSTITUTE we practice a policy of continual improvement and are constantly looking for ways to add incremental value to our products & services. We do not only work for the customer, but with the customer. Your input and feedback are integral factors in this ongoing process.