Technology Services

"Part of the problem is technology, but it is also part of the solution!"

Modern software tools enable us to collect and look at all kinds of information in a fraction of the time and a fraction of the cost than ever before. These tools also offer a means to evaluate data in terms of their subliminal or hidden meaning. Contemporary technology has moved forward dramatically and provides an efficient platform for looking behind the figures and identifying underlying causes for what is being represented in the overall picture.

Developments in the fight against crime and terrorism have created a new generation of highly productive analytical tools which are now being applied outside the aforementioned areas and are especially useful in generating long-range reports, identifying key parameters and their inter-active relationships.

These forecasting tools can be applied to such matters as inventory control. improvement in sales cycles or the identification of latent consumer desires. Some of the tools we apply in this area include:

    • Business intelligence
    • Enterprise Feedback Management
    • Data-mining
    • Benchmarking

In the past few years, we have placed emphasis on recruiting and building relationships with talented individuals in those IT areas dealing with the systematic collection and analysis of data. Here, we have been fortunate interfacing these younger web-based colleagues with our older researchers from the traditional market research school.

The synergy between these two groups, drawing on differing perceptions and strengths, has been an important factor in our continued development.

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