Resources Pool

The Woodbridge Institute draws on the services of a highly experienced investigatory and analytical team recruited from knowledgeable people in the academic, scientific and business communities in several different countries. 

The majority of whom are natural scientists with experience in a range of subjects including sociology, psychology, mathematics and statistics. They have gained their know-how in major concerns conducting market research, coordinating Information or Human Resources Departments. In some cases, they teach at academic institutions or participate in major international research & development projects.   

Our experts have collected and analysed data from all over the globe. Some of the more exotic assigments include:

    • The Market for Heating & Ventilation Equipment in Nigeria,
    • The Supply and Demand for Cotton Products from Usbekistan,
    • The Development of the European Glasfiber Market for a Planning Commitee of the US Senate, or
    • The market for Cuban Cigars in the Caribbean and South America.



Experienced Experts