The work we conduct takes many forms. In order to give the reader a feeling for the breadth of our assignments, the following are areas where we have successfully supported our clients:

    • Market, Trade, Supplier and Employee Investigations
      Reliable information is a necessity for proper decision-making.
    • Benchmarking
      One of our specialities, either inhouse/company intern, in comparison to the competition or so-called ‚Best Practice’.
    • Innovation & Change Management
      Providing raw data, coaching and consulting on the introduction of these types of processes; including monitoring and following progress as the measures are implemented.
    • Human Resources - Motivation
      In addition to employee assessments and attitude studies, we also support management with the introduction of management and leadership tools designed to strengthen motivation and team-building.
    • Creation and implementation of Marketing Strategies and their associated measures. Amongst others, the development and evaluation of sales materials, print materials and internet based campaigns.
    • Quality management studies and other investigations at the core of introducing and maintaining continual improvement processes. Sometimes in conjunction with experts applying Six Sima, Kaizen, 20 Keys or other internationally accepted methods.
    • Management Coaching
      Training, coaching and supporting management in all matters relating to the generation and utilization of 'Information' in its various forms and guises, and covering areas such as controlling, sales, marketing, production und supply chain management.
    • Planning and coordination of project work on a time basis.
      For example, by the evaluation and implementation of an overseas subsidiary or by the introduction of a new technology platform.
    • Preparation of evaluation of financial and other planning documentation.
      Either for internal use or as a decision-making tool for an external investor. Including the regular monitoring and updating of such information instruments.
    • Cooperation with financial institutions where we are engaged by them, within an investment scenario, credit application or bad debt, to evaluate either a company, product or market potential. These ‚Due Dilgence’ studies usually require a multi-tier approach to information-gathering.
    • The preparation and conducting of events connected to international activities such as trade shows and visits by overseas delegations. These activities are usually located either in Germany, The United Kingdom and the USA. Both incoming as well as outgoing missions have been extensively supported.

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