"The wise man listens to many and then decides for himself!"

We interview and investigate the opinions, requirements and behavior, for instance, of:

    • The General Public
    • Consumers & end-users
    • Competitors
    • Distributors & other trade representatives
    • Retailers
    • Suppliers
    • Employees
    • Business partners
    • Government & administrative bodies

To get the right results, we apply a wide range of quantitative and qualitative techniques. Some are standard to the industry but others we develop specifically for a client's individual need, using our research & innovation team in Hamburg. Subjects such as:

    • Market potential studies,
    • Usability,
    • Psychological assessments of managers & employees,
    • Benchmarking,
    • Focus groups and workshops are among our specialties.

In addition to single requests, studies can also be 'syndicated' and conducted on behalf of a number of subscribers interested in a similar market or product; enabling us to increase the quality and depth of the research yet, at the same time, considerably reducing cost for the individual subscriber. Our work in monitoring developments in the sporting world is a good example.

Our work is conducted on a fee/time-related basis, plus receipted expenses. 

For your decision-making

Focus Groups & Workshops