Project examples

Non-technical Case Studies

Amongst others, the following sectors have been investigated:

    • Sport, leisure and health markets
    • Office equipment and furniture
    • Power tools and garden equipment
    • Language and inter-cultural interfaces
    • Industrial clothing and security footwear – including usability & wear testing
    • New product development exercises, amongst other in the fashion and toy markets
    • Customer satisfaction evaluations in many differing consumer segments
    • Effectiveness of distribution methods and channels
    • Numerous studies relating to employee satisfaction and leadership practices in international corporations
    • Market for hunting rifles in the USA and Asia
    • The potential demand for “Sporting Replicas” in toy and department store outlets
    • Monitoring trends and developments for hobbies, handicrafts, plasticine and other personal pastimes
    • Retail development in the “Do-it-yourself” markets and the building industry
    • Benchmarking studies in the area of personal recruitment
    • Demand for additional personnel and services during the Football World Cup 2006 in Germany
    • Conceptual development and testing of state-of-the art digital archiving processes
    • Market potential for business gifts and advertising materials
    • Travel agency efficiency and productivity; perceptions of a cross-selection of leading tour operators
    • Investigation of potential “content” partners for several interactive websites
    • Preparation of market and company information for venture capitalists (as part of “Due Diligence”)


Technical Case Studies

For example, studies have been conducted into the following markets:

    • Specialised machine tools for production and quality control
    • IT, Telecommunications and Internet applications
    • Markets and properties of automobile components and accessories
    • Cars, trucks and other industrial vehicles
    • Market for special membranes in medical, leisure, clothing & fire fighting markets
    • Market potential for heating systems, air ventilation and ceiling fans in several parts of the globe
    • Feasibility studies into the use of advanced IT installations in steel production
    • Feasibility studies into the market potential for wireless technology in the sales and warehousing environments
    • Market potential for combined harvesters and other agricultural equipment around the world
    • Usage of robotics and sensory devices in the logistics and production fields
    • The global market for second hand oil explorations platforms and associated equipment
    • Trends & developments in the usage of Electronic Distance Measurement devices and other surveying instruments
    • Possible applications and demand for speech technology to operate telephone systems and “white goods”
    • Usage criteria and pitfalls with regard to E-learning and intranet platforms
    • Market potential for speech-assisted cameras and photo-archiving platforms
    • Usage of graphite, kevlar and other modern materials in the sport & leisure sector
    • Hologram waivers: application and development as measurement instrument for acrylic glass
    • Marketing strategy for different kinds of lasers, e.g. for identifying fractures in silicone plates
    • Studies in the fields of the illegitimate manufacture of recognisable branded goods
    • Feasibility study for a new technology in the manufacture and decoration of glass components

Differing sectors