Contact Network

"It is not what you know, but whom you know!"

Despite improvements in technology, this venerable saying is still valid today. A great deal of valuable insight exists in the form of personal "experience".

For example, people we know, things we have done and places we have been. However, this data is usually not in a readily available form, but can be collected by asking the 'right' questions, to the 'right' knowledgeable individuals at the 'right' time.

Information which is "experience-related" has the considerable advantage that statistics, insights or a recommendation have been pre-qualified by the person providing it. Along the lines, "we have used them and they did an excellent job". Likewise, this personal knowledge can help our clients avoid pitfalls. For example, "they are very expensive" or " slow to deliver" etc.

The majority of the advisers who work for THE WOODBRIDGE INSTITUTE are seasoned professionals with often more than 30 years experience in the market research, business development or information technology markets throughout the globe. They combine specialist analytical skills with business acumen.

Since 1981, THE WOODBRIDGE INSTITUTE has consistently built a powerful international contact network. Due to the type of work we conduct and the diversity of our customer base, this network continues to grow. The work we conduct in the political and sporting industry fields, facilitates access outside the business community.

This platform not only provides us with valuable information insights but also offers the opportunity to social network on behalf of our client base. Although our sphere of influence was traditionally 'European' and 'North American' focused, our contact network has recently expanded into Russia, India and The Middle East.

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