We offer a full range of classical market research services, including:

A. Consumer research

Either face-to-face, via the phone or a via a postal questionnaire with a representative selection of individuals from a target group relevant to our client's business. The approach can vary between:

  • An omnibus survey where the costs are shared by a group of sponsors with a common interest in the same subject, or
  • An exclusive survey conducted confidentially for a single sponsor.

Depending on objectives, an interview can last just a few minutes or can take 2-3 hours and are usually supported by IT applications.

Panel Research
Investigation of single persons, households, enterprises etc. over a longer time period often monitoring changes in attitudes, habits and opinions.

Psychological Market Research
Open exploration using qualitative interview and depth-interview techniques

Media Research
Market research of broadcasting, television organizations and publishing data in order to understand consumer behaviour and reactions.

B. Industrial Market Research
Generation of information for decision-makers in the capital goods industries by conducting B2B market research on a regional or sometimes global scale.

Typical clients are the manufacturers of machine tools, industrial equipment and infrastructure specialist. 

The work can either be a single study basis or the systematic and continuous observation, analysis, diagnosis and forecasting of the market development & competitive situation.

Focus: predicting trends & demand, as well as assessing and benchmarking management and competitveness.

C. Trade Research
Analysis of the trade & distribution structures relevant for a corporate division using the wholesale and retail trade to market its products via outlets such as supermarkets, superstores, chains etc.

Topics include:

    • Location assessments and development of trade studies
    • Planning & inventory of retail locations and superstore
    • Consumer research - e.g. end-user needs & expectation
    • Improvement of trading locations, service & other criteria
    • Upgrading of location
    • Expansion of catchment areas
    • Internationalization/Globalization of Chains

D. Psychological Research

  •  Photo Collages

    • Collage selection, creation and application of extensive pictorial material by consumers, managers, employees to assess latent opinions relating to specific issue or product.

  • Range of application for photo collage techniques

    • Market research
    • Customer survey
    • Customer retention management
    • Competitor analysis
    • Employee interviews
    • Staff choice
    • Image analysis
    • Culture
    • Product development
    • Pricing issues

  • Optional Usage of Photo Collage Techniques

    • Identification of unconscious feelings & sensations, attitudes and wishes during discussion of the pictorial material
    • Speech and thought analysis

E. Staff Profiling

Possible fields of application: 

    • Supporting evidence when considering promotion and/or by new appointments
    • Analysis of the the attitudes and opinions of existing employees already situated in the enterprise
    • 'Potential' analysis of different individuals
    • Optimization of teams and assistance with conflict potential
    • Career planning
    • Appplication testing and identification of further education needs 
    • Coaching sessions for selected persons


F. Workshops & focus Groups

  • Workshops

Field of application: Mostly in strategy development 

  • Focus Groups
    • Group discussions with approx. 6-12 participants conducted with the assistance of a moderator
    • Qualitative approach to delve into opinions, value attitudes, attitudes
    • Potential fields of application
      • Product development
      • New product launches
      • Product modification and adaptation


G. Usability Research

For example, for the systematic examination of the usability of: 

    • Web sites
    • Consumer 
    • and, technical products