Information Services

"Wissen ist Macht"

Reliable facts and figures, for example, about the performance of a company, a product, the marketplace or the competition are paramount to every decision-maker.

Contemporary decision-makers are confronted with two major issues:

  • Due to globalization, increased competition and faster methods of communication the time span available for decision-making is seriously impacted.

  • Furthermore, due to the internet and other technologies, we all have 24-hour access to more information than ever before. The "information overload" syndrome is apparent in all walks of life.

The focus of THE WOODBRIDGE INSTITUTE is assist clients in the productive search for information relevant to their needs; wherever possible, with maximum speed, efficiency and at a reasonable cost.

Data can essentially be divided up into two groups:

  • That which exists, For example, in people's heads, in reports/documents, in databases or over the Internet. This data is not always collated and often not in a homogenous format. Also, the mere existence of data does not mean it is readily accessible, useful or understood.

  • That which does not exist and requires to be identified, researched, analyzed and understood.

The successful generation of the right data frequently requires detailed knowledge of many differing investigatory techniques, processes and analytical methods and can often involve a combination of all the above.

In addition to our extensive in-house capabilities, our institute can drawn upon the know-how and contacts of our international freelance resource pool approaching 70 advisors. Through our carefully selected strategic alliances, we have access to many hundreds of independent data sources as well as to specialist IT knowledge databases and highly sophisticated analytical tools.