Client Base

The work we conduct is not industry-specific. However, during the three decades of investigation, there is virtually no industry or sector which we have not researched in some form.

Our customers are recruited from three main areas:

Business entities (both large and small)
The work we undertake for commercial customers is usually related to:

    • The assessment of new business opportunities,
    • evaluation of distribution channels,
    • competitive analysis,
    • measurement of customer-/ employee satisfaction,
    • or the potential effect of competitive or legislative activity on a specific business.


The work is almost always future-oriented and targeted to solving a particular issue. Our point of customer contact is usually the executive board or senior management in an enterprise company or, in the case of a small or medium-size business, the owner himself.

Central & municipal bodies
The information provided to these customers is primarily concerned with medium or long-term planning such as the development of a town or region. It is required to assess potential demand and developments so that this can beaccommodated in strategical and planning process. It, therefore, covers a wide spectrum of topics and interest groups. Typical customers at national level are government ministries, political parties and the trade unions. At local level, we frequently work with the tourism and economic development units within the towns and cities.

Global sports associations
The international sports organizations of the world, such as the IOC and the FIFA, no longer simply manage the interests of their sporting communities but have become large and significant business enterprises in their own right. The events that they organize are major catalysts for investment in all corners of the globe. The organization of these championships are dependent upon vast amounts of data being correctly collected and analyzed, both leading up to, during and after the event.

In addition, to the separate sporting bodies, the media and the sponsors want to assess how well their organizations are doing in international competition. Cities bidding for future events, for example The Football World Cup or the Olympic Games take place every four years at different venues, need to know how best to position and develop their bids to appeal those empowered to choose the venues. In most cases, there are several kinds of monitoring tools, e.g. media coverage or image assessments, which need to be put in place and evaluated on an on-going basis.

In all three cases the nature of the work we undertake is highly confidential. Obviously, we enjoy the client's confidence and trust. Respecting this, we ask the reader to understand that we cannot reveal the names of our customers and can provide only general information about the ways we support them.

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