Coaching, Consultancy & Management

Once the desired information has been collected and analyzed, our clients frequently then engage us to continue to work together with them in developing strategies and in finding solutions to their problems. Typical areas where our further involvement has proved successful is with regard to:


    • Marketing & sales strategies
    • New product development
    • Quality management
    • Innovation & change management
    • Diversification
    • Educational processes & educational training


Project Management & Implementation
We do not leave our customers alone with the information that we have generated and analysed. On request, we also accompany the successful implementation of action plans via coaching and workshops sessions.

Likewise, in several cases, we then have also been asked to control and monitor the effectiveness of the "solutions".

Data & Knowledge Management
A further aspect of this work is the proper management and cataloging of information sources, so as to enable easy identification and to facilitate fast distribution within an organization. A former Chairman of Siemens once was quoted as saying, "If Siemens only knew what it knows!"

As the quantities of information generated increase, so does the size of this problem. Data cemeteries are no longer to be found in the realm of science-fiction but, unfortunately, are a reality in many major companies throughout the world.

Storage & Retrieval
The proper and efficient use of information requires professional and modern methods of storage and retrieval.

Professional, competent

Coaching & Training
Discussion Groups
Also on-site at client premises